In engleza: Clarke Energy Participate in Renewable Energy India Expo 2022

Clarke Energy’s offices in India participated in Renewable Energy India Expo 2022, held from 28-30th September 2022 at India Expo Centre. The event, which was held in Greater Noida, State of Uttar Pradesh, saw a huge number of project developers and consultants showing interest in our biogas to power and biogas upgrading solutions.

Abhijit Rajguru – Deputy General Manager Marketing, Clarke Energy India said,
“In India, biogas has emerged as a promising renewable technology to convert agricultural, animal, industrial and municipal waste into sustainable energy. Clarke Energy’s Indian operations supplying INNIO’s Jenbacher gas engine products installed the first biogas to power installation at a standalone molasses-based distillery back in Ankleshwar, Gujarat in 1997.”


„Although many industries have installed facilities for generation of biogas and conversion to power, there are significant opportunities to expand the deployment of this technology in India for greater impact, equally so for renewable natural gas to be used as transportation fuel and/or grid injection application. It was a privilege to be a part of this mega event, and we were happy to share know-how and technology transformation solutions in the renewable energy sector which have proven to be extremely worthwhile. The alliance with India Biogas Association was advantageous for us as they’ve been providing the platform not only to established players but also to new entrants to learn and grow their businesses.”



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