In engleza: Clarke Energy Supporting World Cogeneration Day 2022

Clarke Energy are pleased to support World Cogeneration Day on September 4th 2022. Each year World Cogeneration Day celebrates the resilience of cogeneration, and the people who make it happen.

Cogeneration or combined heat and power technology (CHP) plays an important role in providing efficient localised power and supporting carbon emissions reduction. Gas engine CHP plants can use renewable gas such as biogasbiomethane or hydrogen or low carbon gases such as natural gas at high efficiency and close to the site of use. Generating electricity and heat locally means lower losses and better use of the fuel, translating to lower carbon emissions. Embedded power plants also enable cost-effective energy resilience in countries that are prone to natural disasters or have unreliable power distribution networks. CHP can work alongside other renewable energy technologies and energy storage systems as part of a sustainable hybrid energy solution.

Cogeneration systems remain an essential part of  the journey to net-zero carbon emissions, find out from this video how Clarke Energy are helping business with their net-zero energy transitions.


Read about recent Clarke Energy cogeneration stories here:


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