En anglais: Forsa Energy – Pimbo Generation 20MW Peaking Plant

Forsa Energy develop, build and operate energy assets across Europe with a mandate to grow a portfolio of renewable power generation and gas generation projects. Forsa Energy’s UK operations contracted Clarke Energy to act as principal contractors to design and build 130MWe of peaking power generation throughout the country.

Clarke Energy acted as principal contractors and designers to deliver a full turnkey 20MWe electricity generating peaking plant at Forsa Energy’s Pimbo site in Skelmersdale. Clarke Energy proposed a configuration of 1 x Jenbacher JGS616 and 4 x Jenbacher JGS624 models, which have advanced 2-stage turbocharging technology, offering high electrical efficiency combined with improved flexibility.

« Clarke Energy’s plants are extremely durable and offer excellent service response and high levels of engine availability. The Pimbo project was professionally completed in a timely manner. »
Frank Gregson – Forsa Energy

INNIO’s Jenbacher 6 series engines have a short ramp up time to full capacity, ensuring a fast start capability. This enables the site to provide power generation at short notice during times of high demand, or when the grid frequency needs balancing. The fully automated and unmanned site is monitored and controlled remotely, providing critical electricity to the National Grid at times of peak demand.

Clarke Energy’s engineering and projects team designed and built a bespoke building to comply with specific planning requirements. The Jenbacher gas engines are mounted within a purpose built precast concrete enclosure, providing low noise attenuation required by planning.

Forsa Energy contracted Clarke Energy to oversee the process from design through to a five-year maintenance agreement, all in accordance with CDM regulations.


Key information

Forsa Energy
Skelmersdale, UK
October 2019
Engine Manufacturer:
Installation by:
Clarke Energy
Engine Type:
4 x J624 / 1 x J616
Primary Fuel:
Natural Gas

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