In engleza: Medoil Improves Competitiveness and Commitment to Sustainability With Cogeneration

Medoil, part of Poulina Group, are a leading manufacturer specializing in production of margarine, vegetable fats, table oils, mayonnaise, and sauces. The company was facing mounting energy costs and environmental pressures, to address these challenges and improve operational efficiency, made a strategic investment in a containerized cogeneration power plant. This innovative solution, designed, supplied and installed by Clarke Energy featuring a 2MWe INNIO Jenbacher gas engine powered by natural gas, aimed to optimize energy consumption and reduce both overheads and environmental impact.

Escalating Energy Costs:

Rising energy prices were significantly impacting the manufacturer’s operational expenses, affecting its competitiveness in the market.

Environmental Responsibility:

The company sought to minimize its carbon footprint and demonstrate a commitment to sustainability, aligning with industry and consumer demands.

Solution: Containerized Cogeneration Power Plant

Compact and Efficient Design:

The containerized cogeneration plant housed a 2MWe gas engine, meticulously designed by Clarke Energy to maximize energy efficiency while minimizing footprint and installation time.

Simultaneous Electricity and Heat Production:

The gas engine generated 2MWe of electricity, serving as a reliable on-site power source.

Waste heat produced during electricity generation was captured and repurposed to meet the facility’s thermal energy requirements.

Heating and Steam Generation:

Recovered waste heat was utilized for space heating, ensuring a comfortable working environment within the manufacturing facility.

This heat source was indispensable for steam generation, vital for the production processes of mayonnaise and sauces.

Containerized Cogeneration Plant Revolutionizes Margarine and Sauces Production

Clarke Energy delivered the entire process from purchase to installation to ongoing maintenance through long term maintenance contracts.

Through its turnkey solutions in cogeneration, Clarke Energy helped the company Medoil to achieve its commitment to sustainability, operational efficiency, and market competitiveness. This innovative solution serves as a prime example of how cogeneration technology can transform energy management in the food production industry.

Results and Benefits:

Substantial Cost Savings:

The containerized cogeneration plant dramatically reduced the company’s dependence on external electricity and thermal energy sources showing 35% savings on the energetic bill.

The resultant cost savings bolstered the manufacturer’s bottom line, enhancing its financial viability.

Reduced Environmental Impact:

By relying on natural gas for on-site electricity and heat production, the facility reduced its reliance on fossil fuels and lowered its carbon emissions significantly by 6683 tons/year.

This not only aligned with sustainability objectives but also positioned the company as an environmentally responsible industry leader.

Enhanced Reliability:

The on-site cogeneration plant offered a reliable and consistent source of electricity and thermal energy of 921 KW hot water and 1.2 ton/h of steam. This also has let to minimizing the risk of production interruptions due to power outages.

Competitive Advantage:

The combination of lower production costs, reduced environmental impact, and uninterrupted operations strengthened the company’s competitive edge in the market.


Key information

Project:  Medoil Poulina
Capacity:  2MWe
Location: Bir Mcherga, Zaghouan, Tunisia
Industry: Food Production
Installation by: Clarke Energy 
Engine Manufacturer INNIO Jenbacher
Primary Fuel: Natural gas

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