In engleza: Keystone RNG Project Complete at BioTown Biogas in USA

Clarke Energy is pleased to announce the official commissioning of our most recent renewable natural gas (RNG) project completed in the United States. The site at BioTown Biogas in Reynolds, Indiana is now home to one of the largest on-farm biogas upgrading facilities in the country. Carefully processing roughly 500,000 gallons/day of agricultural waste – this system highlights Clarke Energy’s ability to deliver the latest biogas upgrading equipment for large-scale sustainable agriculture practices and renewable energy production applications.

BioTown Biogas has been a pioneer in emission reduction strategies for the five area farms it serves. The north central Indiana farming co-op, formerly known as BioTown Ag, has successfully implemented a state-of-the-art system to further progress sustainable agricultural practices. Clarke Energy engineered and delivered the solution to process the manure and other organic farm wastes from nearly 25,000 local dairy cows. The newly commissioned project is expected to reduce total CO2 emissions by approximately 150,000 tons per year as compared to the previous methods of waste management.

This turnkey project will ultimately produce 1,000 SCFM of RNG for grid injection, in addition to the 1.4MW of renewable electricity and 5,300 MBTU/hr of renewable heat utilized for the anaerobic digesters and other system processes. The 1.4MW Jenbacher JMC 420 biogas-powered CHP engine, installed and serviced by Clarke Energy, is an anchoring piece in the decarbonization project. The combined heat and power engine generates renewable electricity and heat by making use of the methane rich biogases accumulating in site digestors. Clarke Energy has again showcased its expertise in the field of CHP engine applications with the incorporation and development of this agricultural biogas upgrading facility.

This renewable energy project exemplifies Clark Energy’s commitment to decarbonization and decentralized power projects in the United States and around the world. We are proud to continue delivering net-zero carbon emission solutions, as well as utilizing the latest technologies in biogas upgrading equipment and RNG production. “This day represents a tipping point for our region, for the energy industry, and for a more sustainable future,” said Indiana Lieutenant Governor Suzanne Crouch, the state’s Secretary of Agriculture and Rural Development. “With the commissioning of this renewable energy facility, BioTown Biogas and the State of Indiana are claiming our position on the leading edge of a new era in clean energy production. Indiana is eager to see and support more of this type of investment in the state.”

Clarke Energy, a KOHLER Company, is a multi-award-winning global business specialising in the engineering, installation, and maintenance of distributed power generation solutions.


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