In enlgleza: Clarke Energy Deliver EPC Trigeneration Plant to Medicef Pharma

In 2022, a state-of-the-art trigeneration plant was commissioned at the pharmaceutical manufacturing facility Medicef Pharma in Tunisia. This innovative facility supplied and installed by Clarke Energy teams utilises an INNIO Jenbacher gas engine with an output of 0.8 MWe, primarily powered by natural gas. Clarke Energy has also provided full EPC construction of this trigeneration power plant including the civil construction. The primary goal of this installation is to improve energy efficiency, reduce operational costs, and minimise carbon emissions while meeting the pharmaceutical plant’s energy and cooling needs.

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) for Manufacturing:

  • The trigeneration plant generates electricity (0.8 MWe) while simultaneously producing heat.
  • The electricity generated is used to power various pharmaceutical manufacturing processes, reducing the reliance on external grid power and significantly cutting energy costs.

Recovering Waste Heat:

  • The heat produced of 268 Kg/h exhaust gas at a temperature of 460 C during electricity generation is efficiently recovered and utilized within the pharmaceutical plant
  • Waste heat is redirected for applications such as:
    • Heating of facility spaces during colder months.
    • Providing heat for chemical reactions that require precise temperature control.

Cooling Solutions:

  • The trigeneration plant also incorporates an absorption chiller to produce cooling for the pharmaceutical facility 478 KWth thermal hot water and 724.5 KW chilled water
  • This cooling is vital for maintaining temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products and equipment.
  • By utilising waste heat for cooling, the plant reduces the need for traditional, energy-intensive cooling methods, further cutting operational expenses.

Environmental Benefits:

  • The trigeneration plant aligns with the pharmaceutical company’s commitment to environmental sustainability.
  • It has led to a substantial decrease in greenhouse gas emissions compared to conventional energy generation and cooling methods.
  • This reduction in carbon emissions 300 tons per year contributes to a cleaner and greener pharmaceutical production process

Under a long term service contract, Clarke Energy after sales service teams in Tunisia support Medicef in achieving the highest levels of the power plant availability in order to enable Medicef to reach its financial profit.

Key information
Client:  Medicef Pharma
Capacity:  0.8MWe
Location: Sidi Thebet, Tunisia
Industry: Pharmaceutical
Commissioned 2022
Installation by: Clarke Energy 
Engine Type INNIO Jenbacher – 1 x JMS16
Fuel Type: Natural Gas

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