Idex Environnement’s Biogas plant at Amiens

The Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plant in Amiens is operated by Idex Environment. The biogas is derived from the municipal solid waste (MSW) originating from the local area. Clarke Energy has delivered a full turnkey installation for this site, creating renewable energy.

The engines supplied for this project are two JGMC 420 GS engines, together creating 2.8MWe, which is the equivalent of powering 7,300 typical households. The municipal waste is being placed in digesters to decompose. After the process of anaerobic digestion, the biogas coming from the 4 digesters, is placed in a low pressure storage, consisting of 2 flexible cover sheets, each consisting of a surface of 500m3.

Following this the biogas is treated before being fed into the cogeneration plant. This configuration exists of two generating units, of which the electricity created is injected in the Electricity of France (Electricité de France, EDF) network. Through a recovery system installed on a deck between the engines, heat is captured and used to produce hot water of 90°C for onsite process heating.

The engines’ performance is automatically adapted to the volume of biogas available. Sensors have been installed inside the gas tank to adjust the activity of the plants.

Idex Environment has also signed a maintenance contract with Clarke Energy to ensure high quality aftercare.

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