Brima Sagar Distillery Biogas Plant

Brima Sagar Distillery Biogas Plant

Brima Sagar Maharashtra Distilleries Limited (erstwhile Brihan Maharashtra Sugar Syndicate Ltd) has been producing and distributing spirits & alcohol since the last 50 years. Their production plant situated at Shreepur in the Solapur district of Maharashtra uses molasses to produce alcohol. The distillery effluent is treated through biomethanation to produce biogas.

To better utilise the biogas being generated and to meet distillery’s electricity needs, the customer decided to implement the biogas based power plant using 1 x JMS 320 GS-BL GE’s Jenbacher gas engine. The complete supply of the biogas genset, it’s auxiliaries as well as it’s installation and commissioning was done by Clarke Energy.

The biogas genset has been running successfully since last 14 years. A considerable reduction in CO2 emissions has also been achieved whilst generating reliable electricity. Complying with the environmental norms, the project contributes in waste reduction after alcohol production as well as reuses the waste effectively through electricity generation.

Over the years, the Jenbacher installation has illustrated usage of advanced technology for better energy efficiency in distilleries.

With a strong service ethos, Clarke Energy has been maintaining the biogas engine based power plant since inception.

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