En anglais: Revolutionising Data Centre Energy

In an era where data centres are the backbone of global digital infrastructure, ensuring energy resilience is more critical than ever. With the demand for data processing capacity soaring and electricity networks under strain, developers and operators face the challenge of relying on local energy distribution systems. Data centres depend on electricity for essential processes such as cooling, computing, storage, and ensuring uninterrupted power through UPS and PDUs, among others.

Captive power generation offers data centres unprecedented control over their energy supply, significantly enhancing reliability and availability. Traditionally, data centres have relied on diesel-fueled generating sets for backup power. However, due to their emission profiles and operational costs, these are rarely the best option for fully powering an installation.

Revolutionising Data Centre Energy

Moreover, captive generation can improve energy efficiency by avoiding transmission losses and effectively utilising thermal energy through cogeneration. Although data centres seldom require heat, this heat can be transformed into cooling loads via absorption chillers, supplementing local cooling systems and providing reliable electricity.

Given these advantages, many data centres are now pivoting to gas-fueled generation as their cornerstone technology. Natural gas is typically favoured, but a variety of fuel options exist, including biogas, renewable natural gas (RNG), also known as “biomethane,” and hydrogen.

Clarke Energy Data Centre Experience

Clarke Energy stands at the forefront of developing resilient, gas-fueled systems for microgrids, boasting over 7 projects across various stages from sales to completion. A notable project is the Citibank data centre in London, which combined cooling and power in a compact location, complete with sustainable green-wall screening. Other projects have included power plants for the UK rail network and an Irish telecommunications facility, with Clarke Energy recently contributing to the construction of two major “hyperscale data centres” in Europe with a combined capacity of 150MW.

INNIO’s Jenbacher gas engines, particularly the J624, offer an attractive solution for data centres, providing energy efficiency, quick ramp times, fuel flexibility, and robustness.

The Future of Captive Power for Data Centres – Microgrids

Hybridising gas engines with technologies like battery energy storage systems (BESS) not only enhances system reliability but also stabilises power distribution, paving the way for efficient AC/DC microgrids.

Discover the optimal energy solutions for your data centre, from local setups to hyperscale systems. Contact us today for more information.

This revised version aims to make the article more engaging and accessible, highlighting the innovative approaches to energy efficiency and resilience in data centres. By focusing on clarity and readability, it better communicates the crucial role of modern energy solutions in supporting the digital infrastructure’s backbone.

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