En anglais: Keeping the Lights On with Hydrogen-Ready Gas Peaking Stations

As our electricity grids transition to net zero carbon, and with a proliferation of intermittent wind and solar energy, electricity networks around the world are being strained. This is coupled with closure of centralised coal, gas and nuclear power stations. Further strain is being put on the power networks with electrification of transport and heating.

A gas peaking station under construction in Manchester, UK.

Currently battery energy storage systems are part of the solution and can balance demand and supply, but they do not generate electricity, they simply store it. So, on a dark day in winter when there is no wind there is a big need to support the grid with localised supplies of balancing station.

The Capacity Market in the UK is one of the most successful globally and is a model for the world in how to support grid. Modern gas peaking stations can be switched on at short notice to help balance demand and supply.

A 50MW gas peaking station in the UK

Clarke Energy installed some of the first gas-fuelled peaking plants in the UK in the early 2000s. Following the advent of the proliferation of renewable energy in recent years. The capacity of the projects Clarke Energy has supplied now is almost 750MW with a fleet of over 330 engines. Typically these installations range in size from 10-50MW in size and are either installed as containers or in modular buildings to optimise on installation cost.

The quickest development of a project from groundbreaking to switch on was just over 6 months, however a timeline of 12 months is more common.

By using renewable fuels such as biogas, biomethane and hydrogen a gas peaking station can support a wholly renewable grid.

A gas peaking station in Romania.

By integrating gas peaking stations with joined up local planning, they can be integrated into district heating and cooling networks, supporting fuel efficiency levels exceeding 90%.

If you’d like to learn more about industry leading gas peaking stations, battery energy storage system supply from a reliable delivery partner, contact us to learn more!

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