En anglais: Propane Powered CHP Improving Energy Efficiency of Greenhouse Operations in Greece

Agrotikes Ekmetalleyseis IKE, situated in Almyros, Volos, is a greenhouse operator specialising in the cultivation of vegetables distributed throughout Greece.

To enhance the energy efficiency of their greenhouse operations, the company selected Clarke Energy Hellas to supply and install a combined heat and power plant (CHP) with optional CO2 recovery. This system is powered by an INNIO Jenbacher JMS320 engine, initially operating on natural gas fuel.

The CHP facility is anchored by the Jenbacher JMS320 engine, delivering an electrical output of 946kWe while operating in grid parallel mode. Notably, the waste heat generated by the engine is harnessed to produce hot water, providing heat for the greenhouses and therefore optimising resource utilisation.

As part of the broader initiative for natural gas decarbonisation, the Greek authorities granted approval for the greenhouse to utilise propane fuel, making it one of the few Jenbacher units in Greece to do so. Clarke Energy efficiently executed all requisite measures and modifications to facilitate the engine’s seamless operation to propane fuel.

Key information
Client:  Agrotikes Ekmetalleyseis IKE
Capacity:  946kWe
Location: Almyros, Volos, Greece
Industry: Greenhouse
Commissioned June 2023
Installation by: Clarke Energy 
Engine Type INNIO Jenbacher – 1 x JMS320
Fuel Type: Propane / Natural Gas


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