Waukesha VGF Engine

Durable, Compact, Fuel-Flexible

The VGF series of high-speed engines are built with the durability expected from a medium-speed engine. Purposefully designed for a wide range of stationary, spark ignited, gaseous fuel applications, the compact VGF engine has a high power- to-weight ratio. The foundation for exceptional long-term performance is attributed to the core VGF family design.

The VGF series was structurally designed from the inside out to deliver continuous output whether in the most rugged destination or compact location. And it’s an engine built with industrial strength to handle continuous 1800 revolutions per minute (rpm) operation up to 1175 brake horse power (bhp). Now with three decades in the field, the VGF line of engines is proven in both design and durability.

Waukesha VGF Engine

Waukesha VGF Engine


  • More up-time earning better profitability
  • Maximum high speed continuous duty providing durable stationary power
  • Compact size means less packaging costs
  • High power-to-weight ratio ensures long life and reduced operation costs
  • High speed engines with durability of low speed engines


  • Fuel quality and pressure variance application options
  • In-line and V configuration have major component commonality
  • Built to last with reduced vibration designs
  • High-altitude turbocharger that allows operating up to 5,500 feet (1,676 metres) on some lean burn models, and up to 5,000 feet (1,524 metres) on some rich burn models.
  • Speed range 1400-1800 rpm
  • Quick load step capabilities for optimal operation.
  • Versatile fuel pressure configurations; available as draw-through for low pressure, or blow through for higher pressure fuel.

If you operate within a wide range of stationary, spark-ignited, gaseous-fueled (from 400 btu to 2,300 btu) applications, the durable, compact Waukesha* VGF high-speed engines are designed for you. VGF engines have a power output of 120 kW to 800 kW (265 bhp to 1,175 bhp) and feature a high-altitude turbocharger, quick load step capabilities and versatile fuel pressure variances. VGF engines are consistent performers in extreme conditions.



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