Waukesha 275GL+ Enginator

More Power, Longer Engine Life

Waukesha 275GL+ represents the most advanced generation of high-horsepower engines in the gas compression segment. A combination of robust construction and innovative technology, the 275GL+ lean-burn engine delivers excellence in fuel flexibility, efficiency, power output and emissions for unmatched performance. For maximum uptime and profitability, you can depend on the 275GL+ to get the job done year after year.

Designed to demanding specifications of the gas compression industry, Waukesha 275GL+ Enginator is the right choice for rugged oilfield power generation and associated gas applications.

INNIO Waukesha 275GL

INNIO Waukesha 275GL


  • Fuel flexibility
  • The 275GL+ is an easy to use package.
  • More power in more unconventional gas applications


  • The 275GL+ delivers excellent power output and efficiency that directly improve the bottom line.
  • The 16-cylinder model is rated 5000 bhp (3728 kWb), with the 12-cylinder version rated 3750 bhp (2800 kWb).
  • The 275GL+ and its fuel-efficiency advantage provide low unburned methane—a greenhouse gas that has 25 times the effect of CO2—minimising its carbon footprint and effect on the environment.
  • The Engine System Manager (ESM) dramatically reduces on-site setup time and simplifies engine operation.
  • Closed loop NOx based air-fuel ratio control

The 275GL+ lean burn engine has more power in unconventional gas applications – efficiency with a power output  of 1,887 kW – 3,605 kW and emissions performance. Its Engine System Manager* (ESM) control sharply reduces onsite setup time and requirements. That saves days on commissioning and adds years to engine life. The 275GL+ makes no compromise between power and emissions control, or between fuel efficiency and fuel flexibility.


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