Biogas Power Plant Ensures Sustainable Energy Production at Sahyadri Farms

India is committed to achieve the net zero emission target. The country has immense potential for biogas generation considering its large agricultural and livestock sector. The Indian government has launched several initiatives to promote biogas generation recognizing its potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and dependence on fossil fuel. As the country moves towards renewable energy sources biogas can play a significant role in India’s clean energy future.

Sahyadri Farms, located in Nashik, State of Maharashtra is a prominent agricultural cooperative in India, known for its production of high-quality fruits and vegetables. Established in 2011, it has started its journey with four smallholder visionary farmers, which has now grown to a cooperative level serving over 18,000 farmers covering 31,000 acres of farmland with 9 crops. There is diversity in crops across large expanse of land. The company is committed to sustainable farming methods, including organic and eco-friendly approaches to minimize environmental impact and preserve natural resources.

Mr. Rupesh Khiste; Head – R&D and Projects Sahyadri Farms commented:
“Sahyadri Farms stands as a leading example of how innovative agricultural practices and community-centric approaches can drive sustainable growth and transform the agricultural landscape. Beyond business, we’re actively involved in community development initiatives, such as education, healthcare, and infrastructure development, aimed at improving the well-being of farming communities and the surrounding environment. With the objective of generating our own electricity from renewable biogas, we approached Clarke Energy in India and have successfully implemented biogas-based cogeneration plant using INNIO’s Jenbacher gas engine technology. The biogas power plant has not only helped us to improve energy efficiency, but by converting waste materials viz. agricultural residue and vegetable waste into biogas, the association has effectively managed and disposed of organic waste while reducing environmental pollution and odour.”

Mr. Vivek Nemade; Head – Maintenance and Engineering Sahyadri Farms commented:
“We’ve been able to use this biogas to power project also to raise awareness about renewable energy and environmental protection.”

High efficiency INNIO Jenbacher 2 x JGS 316 gas engines having total capacity of 1.70MWe have been installed with waste heat being used in process. The combined heat and power system helps improve overall energy efficiency helping further reduce energy costs. The supplied Jenbacher gas engine-based cogeneration plant offers numerous benefits to the cooperative association, including cost savings, waste management, environmental sustainability, and community engagement. It is a strategic investment that not only improves the association’s economic viability but also contributes to a cleaner and more sustainable future.


Key information
Project:  Sahyadri Farmers Producer Company Limited
Capacity:  1.7MW
Location: Maharashtra, India
Industry: Agriculture / farming
Application Combined heat and power
Installation by: Clarke Energy 
Engine Manufacturer INNIO Group Jenbacher
Engine Type: 2 x JGS 316 GS BL 415V
Fuel Type: Biogas
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