Low Carbon Agriculture Show | 9th – 10th March 2021

Clarke Energy will be virtually exhibiting at Low Carbon Agriculture 2021 taking place online on 9th and 10th March. Low Carbon Agriculture 2021 is a vibrant new business event for forward thinking farmers, landowners and industry operators. The event will explore ways to address climate change through the generation of renewable energy, the implementation of low carbon technology and best practice in both carbon and environmental land management.

Clarke Energy will be sponsoring the AD & Biogas session at 11.40 – 12.50 on 9th March in which Alex Marshall, Group Business Development and Marketing Director will be taking part in the session,

This session, chaired by Leanne Williams, ADBA will cover what does the AD landscape look like, what support is available and how can existing scheme owners maximise their returns?

Alex Marshall, Clarke Energy will present on ‘Development of biomethane sector’
The UK Government’s plans to reach net zero by 2030 creates the need for sustainable, low carbon power generation solutions. Learn how biogas, biomethane and hydrogen can form a profitable platform for decarbonisation.

Dr Kiara Zennaro, REA will present on ‘Policies to support green gas’
This presentation will highlight the key Government policies, current and underway, to support the uptake of green gas in the UK and unlock its potential.

Tim Crook, Regen will present on ‘Where does AD & Biogas fit in the UK energy mix?’

Register here for the online event which is free to farmers landowners and agricultural businesses


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