Webinar | DCD – Towards Net Zero | February 25th 2021

‘Selecting the right onsite generation for a decarbonising grid’

As part of the Data Centre Dynamics (DCD) – Towards Net Zero event, Clarke Energy and INNIO will be taking part in a webinar at 10am February 25th 2021. Adam Wray-Summerson from Clarke Energy and David Mitchell from INNIO Jenbacher will be discussing how you can you choose the correct onsite generator that will remain viable long-term in the net-zero future.

As data centre energy usage continues to grow, so does the push for wind, solar, and other renewable electricity generation—along with a corresponding need for resources that can help balance instability in the electric grid. Data center operators now have an opportunity to rethink their resiliency architecture whilst achieving corporate sustainability goals.

This webinar will explore the evolving energy landscape, including the potential transition to a hydrogen economy and the opportunity presented by natural gas generators in large scale power dense applications.

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