Investment into Overhaul and Repair Centre at Clarke Energy Headquarters

Clarke Energy have completed a large investment into the gas engine Overhaul and Repair Centre at our Knowsley headquarters, which has optimised the site’s operation, enhanced the on-site facilities and boosted the productivity of the centre for the service department.

Explore our Knowsley overhaul facility with a 360˚ walk through below

A full refurbishment of the onsite gas engine Overhaul and Repair Centre was carefully planned in order to optimise the efficiency and processes of the centre. The completed refurbishment has since increased the number of INNIO Jenbacher gas engine overhauls that can be completed by the service team throughout the year.

The fully-equipped workshop at the Overhaul and Repair Centre is used for servicing and overhauls which ensure highest levels of availability for our customers engines. Scheduled maintenance is completed at specific points in the operational life of a INNIO Jenbacher gas engine. This can be 20k, 30k, 40k or a full scheduled overhaul at 60k hours of operation. In the UK the engine will ideally be brought to the Overhaul and Repair Centre in Knowsley to be stripped down and fully serviced with specialised machinery. Clarke Energy are also able to provide a reconditioned swing-engine that can be used at the customers site to provide the lowest down-time for their engine.

Clarke Energy’s headquarters also holds the largest inventory of Jenbacher spare parts in the world, outside of the manufacturing facility in Austria. This ensures rapid support for any unscheduled repairs or maintenance requirements customers may have.

View a time-lapse of a Jenbacher J320 engine 60,000hr overhaul completed at our Overhaul and Repair Centre in Knowsley:



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