Kohler Diesel Generators Powering Beyondie SOP Project Village, Australia

October was a big month for Perth based Sulphate of Potash (SOP) producer Kalium Lakes. Following approval by its board to proceed with the Beyondie SOP Project (BSOPP), the company awarded contracts for a new 80km gas pipeline, a $20M purification plant and a 7.5MW gas fired power station which will be delivered by Clarke Energy.

The Beyondie SOP Project is the first of its kind in Australia and Kalium Lakes will be one of only a handful of primary SOP producers globally.

Clarke Energy worked closely with the producer to engineer solutions for early power requirements including the BSOPP construction village and two of the SOP brine pumping stations.

In September, Clarke Energy delivered two Kohler KV440 C2 enclosed diesel gensets to the project site in the Southern Pilbara. The gensets are providing power for the construction village located 1.4km from the SOP processing facilities.

The Volvo powered,  Kohler diesel generators are configured to either operate as standalone units or as an integrated pair, sharing load to meet the peak power demands of the BSOPP’s village.

This flexible solution will reduce Kalium Lakes’ capital project costs as it allows one of the 400kVA Kohler units to be re-deployed to the process plant where it will eventually become the black start generator for the main gas power station.

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