Two CoEnergy America CHP Units Powering Cape Codder Resort & Spa


Co-Energy America has worked with the Cape Codder on multiple occasions to develop clean energy solutions. The resort runs two Co-Energy CHP units 24/7 in order to alleviate their large consumption of hot water and electricity. According to the resort, the CHP units reduce the facility’s carbon footprint by up to 70%. The resort has since been recognized by the Green Leaders Silver Level organization for “engaging in environmentally friendly practices.”

In March 2007 Co-Energy designed and installed a 250 kW synchronous CHP system. This unit supplies domestic hot water (DHW) to the facility as well as heating for the indoor wave pool. The CHP unit also provides de-humidification of the moist pool environment.

The synchronous 250 kW CHP system can act as a standby power generator in case of emergencies; meaning the unit can supply power during grid outages and serve critical load sectors of the resort such as the kitchen, elevators, ball rooms, and one wing of the hotel. The unit also has Black Start capabilities enabling the system to start-up without the utility grid. This means the Cape Codder is a beacon of light and warmth during severe storms.

Based on the success of the 250 kW system, Co- Energy America later installed an 85 kW in September 2009. This unit contributes to the DHW heating as well as year round heating of the outdoor pool.

All CHP systems operated by Co-Energy America are equipped with remote monitoring technology, which supply detailed data and reports back to our headquarters every 15 minutes. This monitoring helps ensure maximum system efficiency and uptime.


The Cape Codder Resort & Spa offers a 4 star experience in the middle of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Operated by The Catania Hospitality Group, the 260 room facility has two large heated swimming pools and high energy demands throughout the year.

Units Installed

– 250 kW / Installed 2007
– 85 kW / Installed 2009

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