P3P & APS Salads Greenhouse CHP, Alderley Edge

P3P Partners is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of combined heat and power (CHP) energy solutions. The company operates bespoke energy centres across the country, helping organisations cut their energy costs, whilst creating a sustainable environment.

Back in 2013, P3P Partners chose Clarke Energy to engineer, install and maintain a 3.3MW 620 Jenbacher gas engine along with balance of plant for their customer, APS Salads, Alderley Edge, Manchester. APS Salads is one of the UK’s largest growers of tomatoes and requires C02 recovery, to assist the growing process within their greenhouses.

The partnership between P3P, Clarke Energy and APS Salads ensured the best solution possible was achieved, allowing for heat and C02 to be available as and when needed.

Clarke Energy’s response time and customer service has enabled us to be very flexible and upfront with APS, about how we can provide them with both the C02 and the heat when they need it. We have an excellent relationship with both APS Salads and Clarke Energy, ensuring the best reliability and availability throughout the year. We are proud to be a partner of Clarke Energy and look forward to growing our relationship over the years”.
Philip Elborn, Project Engineer, P3P

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