M+M Power, Milton Farm, Marches Biogas

Milton Farm is set within the heart of Herefordshire’s scenic countryside, owned by the Morris family whom have been farming there since 1960. As a means of diversifying from the mainstream farming business, the family chose Marches Biogas to design, build and maintain the new anaerobic digestion (AD) plant.

Clarke Energy supplied, installed and maintain GE’s Jenbacher 312 gas engine at Milton Farm, Herefordshire.  Marches Biogas, a true UK-based provider with over 25 years-experience contracted with Clarke Energy to supply the combined heat and power (CHP) to the newly built anaerobic digestion facility at the farm.

Clarke Energy engineered, installed and maintain GE’s Jenbacher 312 gas engine in a combined heat and power configuration, capable of producing 499kW of power.  The energy produced by M + M Power serves to provide electricity to be exported, supporting the National Grid’s power supply.

Following commissioning of the CHP, the Morris family underwent further negotiations with Ofgem. As a result, Clarke Energy were further contracted to retrofit an exhaust gas heat exchanger, increasing engine efficiency, and the ability to utilise heat generated from the CHP configuration. The waste heat produced provides an option for the farm to utilise within a newly constructed poultry unit, which will hold 2.2million birds per annum. A further option presented to the farm, is to transfer the heat to a neighbouring factory to be used within their industrial process.

Around 10,500 tonnes of farm generated material is produced per annum. Materials include maize and grass silage, poultry litter, cattle manure, sugar beet and potatoes, all of which is utilised to feed the AD process. The mixed wastes are stored in adjacent clamps and fed in on a daily basis.

The Milton farming enterprise extends to 790 hectares of predominantly arable land, which is used for growing potatoes and cereals, with further grassland supporting Beef Suckler Cows and sheep. An existing poultry unit is set within the grounds, producing approximately 2.35million birds per annum resulting in 3,500 tonnes of manure.

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