Kanodia Technoplast Trigeneration Plant, Haryana

Kanodia Technoplast operates in flexible packaging. It’s a leading name in India offering integrated packaging solutions to the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) and industrial segments. The company has been manufacturing laminated films, laminated pouches and engraved cylinders since 1995.

The Kundli plant of Kanodia Technoplast has an industrial trigeneration system installed using GE’s Jenbacher gas engines. Using the natural gas supply available in the region, Jenbacher meets the electrical and thermal requirements of the plant.

Kanodia Technoplast's gas engine powering trigeneration facility

Kanodia Technoplast’s gas engine powering trigeneration facility

Apart from producing 1.415 MW of electricity which is supplied uninterruptedly, waste heat recovery is also configured. The heat of flue gases from the gas genset is utilised in thermic fluid heating and industrial chilling. Around 400,000 kCal is used to heat the thermic fluid along with the generation of 200TR of chilling.

With severe power cuts in the region, the trigeneration system serves utility by: a) Reliable on-site power supply b) Savings in energy cost and c) Reduced carbon emissions.

Moreover, the trigeneration system using Jenbacher supports customer’s manufacturing operations through an efficient way of power generation.

For the project, the supply, engineering and execution using GE’s Jenbacher gas engines has been done by Clarke Energy. Also, for a period of 5 years the customer is in maintenance agreement with Clarke Energy.

Client: Kanodia Technoplast Ltd
Electrical Output: 1.415MWe
Thermal output: 400,000kCal thermic fluid
Cooling output: 200TR
Commissioning: 2014
Engine manufacturer: GE
Installation by: Clarke Energy
Engine type: JMS 420 GS-NL
Fuel: Pipeline natural gas





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