Koyambedu Sewage Treatment Power Plant

A view of the Jenbacher CHP engine at Koyambedu Sewage Treatment Plant

A view of the Jenbacher CHP engine at Koyambedu Sewage Treatment Plant

Established in 1979, Enviro Control Associates (I) Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading Indian companies operating in the domain of Environmental Engineering. The company has a strong foothold in water treatment, sewage treatment, effluent treatment, municipal solid waste management, tertiary treatment and biogas based energy generation.

Under the Chennai City River Conservation Project, the large volume of sludge getting generated from the nearby areas of Koyambedu gets treated at the 60 MLD Koyambedu sewage treatment plant (STP). Adopting the engineering, procurement and construction model, the STP is managed by Enviro Control Associates. Treatment of sludge is through anaerobic digestion and the sewage gas, a type of biogas, generated is used as a rich source of methane to generate electricity – self sufficient in power.

For reliability in power generation and accountability in trouble-free operation, Enviro Control Associates selected Clarke Energy for the supply, execution and the maintenance of their sewage gas based power plant.

The project has an installation of 1 of GE’s JGS312 GS.BL Jenbacher gas engines which consumes sewage gas produced in the STP and generates renewable electricity. Commissioned in September, 2005, the gas engine has been meeting the captive power requirement of the STP continuously. Complimenting sustainability, in parallel the sewage gas based power project reduces the emissions of green house gases.

“Generation of continuous reliable power contributes: a) cash savings in comparison to power tariff as supplied by Government agencies by our own electricity generation b) reduction in carbon footprints and c) peace towards maintenance”, Ms. Zankar Desai (General Manager) of Enviro Control Associates said.

Operation and maintenance of the sewage gas based power plant is under the purview of Clarke Energy.

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