Jain Irrigation System’s biogas trigeneration

Jenbacher J316 biogas engine at Jain Irrigation in India

Jenbacher J316 biogas engine at Jain Irrigation in India

Jain Irrigation Systems Limited is a leader in the micro irrigation industry. Honoured with numerous recognitions worldwide, the organisation has diverse solutions in the segments of: irrigation, plastic pipes, agro products, fruit processing, plant genetics and non-conventional energy sources.

The biogas based power generation facility at Jain Irrigation’s Jalgaon plant displays efficient measures adopted to generate renewable energy. Fruit waste generated from their processing unit which is biodegradable is treated in an anaerobic environment to produce biogas. Biogas produced is utilised to power GE’s Jenbacher gas engines configured for biogas trigeneration.

Generating 1.67 MW of electricity, 1,200 kg/hr of steam and a cooling of 400 TR the overall plant efficiency exceed 83%.  Also, the biogas power plant is a contributor towards Clean Development Mechanism by reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Production of a soil improver adds value by being a source of revenue generation through the reuse of organic sulphur.

With benefits achieved, the Jenbacher installation exemplifies the usage of advanced technologies for meeting industry’s energy needs and being sustainable.

The supply, project engineering and project execution for the two units of Jenbacher has been done by Clarke Energy with an agreement for maintenance also.

  • Client: Jain Irrigation Systems Limited
  • Capacity: 1.67MWe
  • Location: Jalgaon, Maharashtra, India
  • Commissioning: 2010
  • Engine manufacturer: GE
  • Installation by: Clarke Energy
  • Type: 2 x JGS 316 GS-BL
  • Primary fuel: Biogas from fruit waste
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