Gas Engines for Independent Power Producers

Flour Mills ThumbIndependent Power Producers (IPPs) are non-utility generators (NUG) that are typically not owned by the national electricity company or public utility. IPPs generate electricity and sometimes heat (via cogeneration) for sale to a third party. This third party could be the national electricity company, or may be via private wires to a specified company and is typically in grid parallel mode.

Investors in IPPs need to ensure security of revenues and fuel supplies. This may be achieved through a number of mechanisms including power purchase agreements (PPA), sovereign guarantees or feed in tariffs.

Gas Engine IPP Benefits

Using gas engines for IPPs has a number of benefits including:

  • Facilities can be built as modular solutions consisting of individual engines
  • Significant flexibility in ramping up and down power production. An individual engine can operate down to 50% of the full fuel gas input.
  • Facilities can be deployed rapidly compared to other major centralised power plants
  • Gas engines have high electrical efficiency. Total fuel efficiency can exceed 90% if the unit is established for cogeneration, either linked to a local heat user or district heating network.
  • Supporting local electricity grid through distributed generation

Multi-Engine IPP Plant Example Movie


If you would like to learn more about how gas engines can be used for IPP applications please contact us.

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