Waukesha mobileFLEX

New Standard for Drilling Rig Power Generation

The mobileFLEX portfolio is the latest advancement from GE to deliver lower-cost, lower-emission power to drill rigs, artificial lift enhanced oil recovery and oilfield equipment. An all-gas alternative to diesel units, mobileFLEX is an EPA mobile-certified solution that provides a cost advantage to energy producers and operational advantage to drilling contractors by utilising field gases. For oilfield power applications, the mobileFLEX engine portfolio is a superior power solution for drill rigs, liquids reinjection, lift pumps, and temporary accommodations.

Waukesha Mobilflex

Waukesha Mobilflex


  • Cost saving- provides power like a diesel without the cost of diesel fuel
  • Flexibility – reliable, proven fuel flexibility across a wide British thermal unit (Btu) range


  • Operates on Liquefied natural gas (LNG), compressed natural gas (CNG) HD-5 propane and high-Btu field gases with minimal gas treatment
  • Exceptional fuel tolerance : Operation on natural gases 950-1,650 Btu/ft3 higher heating value (HHV) without component changes and on propane gas 2600 Btu/ft3 without component changes
  • Diesel-like load acceptance – Upto 65% load steps and 100% load-shed
  • Emission control with low cost 3 way catalyst

The mobile-certified VHP multi-fuel engine set the new standard for reliable, efficient drill rig power generation. Delivering up to 95 percent lower emissions and 80 percent lower fuel costs than diesel with similar transient load response, this engine represents a game-changing, fuel-flexible solution for the drilling industry and artificial lift industry. The VHP rich burn solution is available with power outputs of 1,000 and 1,200 kW @ 1,200 rpm.

Jenbacher gas engine technology is an ideal transition from diesel power.

  • No load banks
  • Rich-burn engines deliever diesel-like load acceptance
  • Up to 65% load steps and 100% load shed
  • Exceptional fuel tolerance with more power on high-Btu field gases
  • Emission control with low-cost three-way catalyst
  • Eliminates dependence on diesel fuel

Oilfield Power Applications

  • Drill rig
  • Lift pumps
  • Liquids reinjection
  • Temporary accommodations


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