In engleza: Clarke Energy Australia attend the Premier’s Awards for Energy and Mining

Clarke Energy Australia recently attended the South Australian Premier’s Awards for Energy and Mining as a 2023 finalist in the Safety and Wellbeing – Health and Safety category; displaying its exemplary commitment to fostering a safer and more conscientious future through its Incident and Injury Free (IIF) Program.

Clarke Energy Australia congratulate the overall award winner, SA Power Networks. Despite the challenges posed by the 2022/23 Murray River floods, their proactive measures not only ensured community safety but also highlighted resilience in the face of electric shock risks. SA Power Networks’ implementation of modern technology led to an efficient reconnection process, advancing the restoration of power to some customers by up to three weeks.

We further extend our congratulations to Santos, for receiving a commendation award. Santos demonstrated their dedication to employee wellbeing in remote areas. Initiatives such as a skin check program and a hydration campaign displayed their commitment to health and safety in challenging working conditions where employees are consistently exposed to extreme UV and temperatures throughout the Australian summer.

Clarke Energy Australia’s Sales and Business Development Director, Michael Jones, sends his congratulations to fellow industry contributors, whilst standing proud of Clarke Energy’s success in being recognised as a finalist at the Premier’s Awards.

“Clarke Energy Australia is proud to share our journey towards a safer and conscientious future, and we extend our heartfelt congratulations to SA Power Networks and Santos for well-deserved recognition on their outstanding achievements.

In 2014, as Clarke Energy was seeking to surpass industry standards and become an influential force within the energy sector, the Incident & Injury Free (IIF) program was initiated, not just as a safety protocol, but as a profound cultural shift, empowering every team member to take personal ownership of safety.”

Since its inception, the IIF program has cultivated genuine attitude changes, fostering a mindset intolerant of any level of incident or injury. It has become an ingrained way of life, influencing decisions and actions not only in professional realms but also within the families and communities touched by team members

As Clarke Energy champions safety in our organisation and the industry, it illuminates a path for others to emulate. Safety excellence becomes a tangible reality that all organisations and industries can achieve. We stand proud, knowing that safety is not just a program but an intrinsic part of our lived everyday culture, impacting the lives of our employees and communities.

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