Edinburgh University CHP & District Energy Facility

View of old building at Edinburgh University

Edinburgh University has three CHP facilities that reduce emissions on the campus.

Pollock Halls of Residence Cogeneration Plant

Edinburgh University’s first combined heat and power (CHP) project was the 2003 installation of a 526kWe GE Jenbacher reciprocating engine supporting the lead boiler serving Pollock Halls of Residence, home to more than 2,000 first-year undergraduates. The new engine was simply lowered into the boilerhouse under the refectory and connected in to provide input on the site return main prior to three existing 2MW dual-fuel boilers that provide standby heating capacity.  Since installation, the Pollock Halls system has cut annual CO2 emissions by 450 tonnes.

The King’s Buildings’ Cogeneration Plant

Following on from the Pollock Hall installation the University reviewed the 45-year-old steam heating distribution network at King’s Buildings campus, home of College of Science & Engineering. The old steam boilers were stripped out and a Jenbacher CHP system with a new hot water distribution system installed alongside 2 x 7.5MWth hot water boilers with low-NOx burners.  Serving nearly 30 buildings, the system reduced CO2 emissions by more than 2,600 tonnes in its first year of operation.

A view of a green Jenbacher gas engine with man at Edinburgh Universities CHP facilityGeorge Square Trigeneration Plant

The University’s third CHP project, completed in 2005-06, replaced 50-year-old steam boilers with an innovative trigeneration system to heat and cool George Sq campus.  The new kit includes a 1.6MWe gas-fired GE Jenbacher engine supplied by Clarke Energy; two 6MW and one 3MW boilers; a 600 kW absorption chiller exploiting by-product heat to cool labs in summer; and a 75 cu.m thermal storage vessel. In its first full year, the trigeneration system generated nearly a third of a million pounds in energy cost savings and cut emissions by 1,250 tonnes of CO2.

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