Tunisian Minister for Industry visits St Thomas’ Hospital CHP plant

Minister-Industry-CHPA high-level Tunisian delegation visited St Thomas’ hospital combined heat and power (CHP) plant this week. 

  • St Thomas’ hospital is adjacent to the Houses of Parliament in London was the location of a high level Tunisian delegation visit
  • Delegation including Minister for Industry, Director General of Energy and the CEO of Tunisia’s national oil and gas company ETAP visits CHP plant

Clarke Energy has engineered and installed CHP plants for both Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospitals in London. These flagship CHP facilities are located in central London and are two key NHS hospitals for the capital city.


Hospitals have high energy requirements for their operation both as electricity and heat. Onsite cogeneration of these energy requirements helps reduce both carbon emissions and operational costs.

The CHP facility at St. Thomas’ hospital is 3-MW in electrical output. Its cooling circuits generate hot water for the hospital and the engine exhaust is used to generate steam via a boiler.

The Guy’s & St Thomas’ hospitals CHP plants help reduce carbon emissions by 11,300 tonnes per year and approximately £1.7m in energy costs.

The Tunisian delegation included:

Mr Mehdi Jomaa, Minister of Industry (covering energy), the Director General of Energy, the CEO of ETAP (National oil and gas company), Director General of International Cooperation and Director General of Foreign Investment Board FIPATunisia and the President of Tunisian British Chamber of Commerce

The delegation was joined by the following Clarke Energy team:


Mr. Jim Clarke, Chairman, Mr. Didier Lartigue, Main Board Director, Mr. Ali Hajaie, Sales Manager, Tunisia, Mr. Alex Marshall, Group Marketing & Compliance Manager, Miss Els Luyten, Marketing Communications Assistant

For more information contact:

Alex Marshall, Group Marketing & Compliance Manager

+44 151 546 4446, +44 7917066242,

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