Sonar Madina Spinning Mills Invests in Energy Efficiency & Sustainability

The spinning industry in Bangladesh is witnessing gigantic investment as local entrepreneurs are either developing their production capacities or setting up new units as the demand for garment raw materials is increasing. Reports state that In Bangladesh, there are almost 500 spinning mills. Huge domestic and foreign demand makes it one of the main branches of the Bangladesh economy.

The tough competition in the world market from spinning mills in China, India, and Taiwan makes it indispensable for spinning mills in Bangladesh to keep production costs as low as possible. The cost of the electric power supply is an enormous factor, especially for spinning mills with a huge output of cotton yarn. The stability of the power supply must also be guaranteed – voltage sags can lead to the malfunction and destruction of your electrical machines and equipment costing you a huge sum of money to replace your high value equipment.

The gas engine that helps to ensure energy efficiency at Sonar Madina Spinning Mills

Sonar Madina Spinning Mills Limited, one of the largest mills producing 100% export-oriented yarn is an enterprise with a fine tradition of quality and innovation.

Mr. Alamin Khondokar, Managing Director Sonar Madina Spinning Mills commented:
“Today we are facing new challenges, but also new opportunities. At Sonar Madina, we want to make use of the best technologies to continue our dedication to quality, our employees, and the environment. In a country like Bangladesh, where air pollution is a significant concern, the adoption of this cleaner energy source helps us align with national and global environmental objectives.

Mr. Ahmed Rafi,Tuhin Director Sonar Madina Spinning Mills commented:
By working closely with our reliable partner Clarke Energy, we have reduced emissions compared to a coal-based plant, thereby contributing to environmental sustainability. Clarke Energy’s prompt service and availability of genuine INNIO Group Jenbacher spare parts enables us to ensure continuous operations without interruptions, providing the spinning mill with a resilient source of electricity.

High efficiency Jenbacher 2 x JMS 420 gas engines having total capacity of 3MWe replaced different brand gas gensets installed earlier at Sonar Madina Spinning Mills unit at Sirajganj. The Jenbacher gensets supplied have been provided with the waste heat recovery feature wherein the end user can capture and utilising waste heat from exhaust flue gases to be used for various industrial processes such as drying or steam production.

The project will improve overall energy efficiency and can further reduce operating costs for the spinning mill. The supplied Jenbacher gas engine based captive power plant plays a crucial role in Sonar Madina Spinning Mills by providing reliable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly electricity generation solution. Its adoption has contributed to the sustainability, competitiveness, and resilience of the mill.


Key information
Project:  Sonar Madina Spinning Mills Limited
Capacity:  3MW
Location: Kutirchor, Bodroghat, Kamarkhand, Sirajganj, Bangladesh
Industry: Textiles
Application Combined heat and power
Installation by: Clarke Energy 
Engine Manufacturer INNIO Group Jenbacher
Engine Type: 2 x JMS 420
Fuel Type: Natural gas


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