Clarke Energy Nigeria Hosts “Adding Value in the Decade of Gas 2.0” at the Petroleum Training Institute

On June 14, 2024, Clarke Energy Nigeria proudly hosted an insightful event titled “Adding Value in the Decade of Gas 2.0” at the Petroleum Training Institute in Effurun, Warri, Delta State. This event brought together a diverse group of aspiring engineers, industry experts, and thought leaders, all eager to explore the future of Nigeria’s gas sector and its crucial role in the nation’s energy transition.

The session included a series of discussions led by industry leaders, who shared their valuable insights into the evolving landscape of Nigeria’s gas industry. These discussions shed light on the current opportunities and challenges within the sector. Attendees gained a deeper understanding for the strategic importance of the gas industry in Nigeria’s energy future, and the many ways they can contribute to this transformation.

Clarke Energy emphasised its dedication to fostering a positive and inclusive working environment, where the people are the heart of our success. Attendees learned of Clarke Energy’s commitment to offering fantastic career development opportunities, designed to nurture and develop talent within the gas sector. They were able to engage directly with experts, gaining practical knowledge and insights that are essential for thriving in this dynamic industry.

The event concluded with an interactive Q&A session, allowing participants to delve deeper into the topics discussed and clarify their understanding. The enthusiasm and engagement of the attendees underscored the importance of such initiatives in preparing the next generation of engineers for the challenges and opportunities in Nigeria’s gas industry.

Clarke Energy would like to thank to all attendees for their active involvement and looks forward to continuing its efforts in supporting the growth and development of skilled engineers who will lead the future of Nigeria’s gas sector.

For more information about career opportunities at Clarke Energy, please keep an eye on our careers page.

See images from the event below:

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