Clarke Energy Supporting BCL Ceramic Industries to Achieve Grid Independence.

Over the last decade, the Bangladeshi ceramic industry has witnessed a multi-dimensional growth in both domestic and export markets, and approximately 200% growth in production capacity. Ceramic tile manufacturing is a highly energy-intensive process. Concerns about carbon emissions and energy costs make energy management crucial for this sector, which holds a leading role in Bangladeshi industry. Local ceramics producers have been facing the needs for energy-efficient production with less carbon dioxide emission. In Bangladesh, natural gas is used in a significant number of new electricity-generating power plants as natural gas allows facilities to meet government regulations and improve the environment of neighbouring communities more easily.

In recent years, Bangladesh has faced disruptions to electricity supply. Power outages have become more prevalent and problematic due to unprecedented heatwave across the country pushing the demand.

BCL Ceramic Industries Limited is one of the growing and most trusted tiles manufacturers in Bangladesh. BCL Ceramics has fully automated factory and production unit equipped with state-of-the-art environment friendly modern technology and machinery. In 2021, BCL Ceramic Industries Limited had contacted Clarke Energy Bangladesh Limited to build an in-situ power generation plant to meet the Bangladeshi tile manufacturer’s energy needs. Clarke Energy Bangladesh Limited provided INNIO Jenbacher natural gas genset installed within the building structure followed with additional genset ordered in Year’ 2022, aggregating the installed power plant capacity to 3MWe.

Engr. Md. Sabit Hasan Babu, Additional Managing Director-2, BCL Group commented:
“The electricity scenario within the country has forced companies operating in various industry sectors including BCL Ceramic Industries Limited to evaluate creative solutions to close the gap between the dramatic increase in demand and not enough supply. Prolonged and expensive permitting processes around environmental constraints and land purchases makes power grid upgrades costly. Having installed and experienced Jenbacher gas genset (installed in the year’ 2021) backed with prompt after sales service as being provided by Clarke Energy Bangladesh Limited, for capacity augmentation project BCL Ceramic Industries Limited natural choice was to go with the same mix. Once the additional gas engine is installed, the captive power capacity available within our premises will be 3MWe with gensets running in synchronized mode sharing the plant load and helping our organization generate the cleanest fossil fuel electricity possible.”

Key information
Project:  BCL Ceramic Industries
Capacity:  3MWe
Location: Dohopara, Sujabad, Shahjahanpur, Bogura, Bangladesh
Industry: Ceramic
Application Captive power plant 
Installation by: Clarke Energy 
Engine Manufacturer INNIO Jenbacher
Fuel Type: Natural gas

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