Clarke Energy Become Latest Member of the Hydrogen Association of India (HAI)

HAI endowed with a common platform for sharing experiences regarding the latest technological trends in generation, usage and safety issues related to application of hydrogen as automotive fuel and other purposes including power generation. The formation of Hydrogen Association of India (HAI) has provided impetus to the hydrogen research activities in the country of India.

Abhijit Rajguru, Deputy General Manager – Marketing of Clarke Energy’s Indian operations on joining Hydrogen Association of India commented:


“The world is talking about decarbonization, referring to the reduction or elimination of carbon dioxide from energy sources. Full decarbonization of our energy systems is the only solution to climate stabilization. Decarbonization will call for replacing fossil fuel reliant systems with electricity produced with low carbon resources, such as renewables. India’s key focus is on implementing renewable energy expansion and is envisaging a fivefold increase in the overall capacity, from 32GW in 2014 to 175GW by 2022 to increasing capacity to 450 GW by 2030. Renewable energy expansion brings new challenges of balancing power. Utilities facing the challenge of decarbonizing their power systems see “green hydrogen” as an important addition to batteries to store wind and solar power for use when the wind isn’t blowing and the sun isn’t shining.


In the mid-sized power generation segment, Jenbacher gas engines are a proven technology provider to utilise high hydrogen gaseous fuels. Coke oven gases as well as byproduct gases from chemical processes containing a hydrogen content up to 70 volumes % have been used in various types of engines alongside hydrogen from renewable sources like wood gasification (in syngas) containing up to 50 volume % of hydrogen. Hydrogen from electrolysis is typically provided as a 100 volume % and purified H2 fuel and considered as carbon free (green H2) when electricity is produced from renewable sources. INNIO is on track to reach the target of a fully flexible engine able to use fuels from 0 to 100% H2.


These are exciting times for us here in India as hydrogen economy can replace the current hydrocarbon based economy, leading to cleaner environment. With the membership of Hydrogen Association of India, in addition to we, Clarke Energy being exposed to industry trends, I think, it’s an excellent platform for networking opportunities for one and all who want to contribute for the cause of Hydrogen Economy.”

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