AGR Amy Johnson Way 7.1MW Peaking Plant

AGR is a leading renewable energy company who operates one of the largest peaking portfolios in the UK. AGR identified an opportunity to install a power generation plant within the Amy Johnson building in Blackpool, with the potential for deployment into the UK Capacity Market. Following a tender process, Clarke Energy were chosen to deliver a full turnkey, design and build 7.1MWe electricity generating peaking plant, enabling AGR to provide a reliable source of electricity capacity to the National Grid.

Clarke Energy proposed a configuration of a Jenbacher JGS616 and JGS624 model which has advanced 2-stage turbocharging technology which offers high electrical efficiency combined with improved flexibility. INNIO’s Jenbacher type 6 engines also have a short ramp up time to full capacity, giving the peaking plant a fast start capability. This enables the site to provide power generation at short notice to the national electrical grid during times of a surge in demand, or when the grid frequency needs balancing.

The engines were installed by Clarke Energy project management team into a pre-cast concrete, acoustic enclosure complete with a forced draught ventilation system to provide the required cooling and combustion air for the generation sets.

“At AGR we are very happy with Clarke Energy’s delivery of the project. The quality of the installation is great and since the start of operations availability has been excellent.”
Tom Harada – Investment Manager AGR 

Explore the Amy Johnson Way peaking station site with this 360 walk-through:

Key information

Amy Johnson Way, Blackpool, UK
Engine Manufacturer:
Installation by:
Clarke Energy
Engine Type:
1 x JMS624 (4.5MW / 24.55bar BMEP)

1 x JMS616 (2.7MW / 22bar BMEP)

Primary Fuel:
Natural Gas


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