Biogas-fuelled Trigeneration Plant Installed at Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Embio

Embio Limited is a leading manufacturer of bulk drugs using molasses as a main raw material. Fermentation is the core process used to convert molasses into drugs intermediate. This process generates significant amount of waste, which undergoes anaerobic digestion process, converting high strength wastewater into biogas. The digester, based on fixed film process, provides higher treatment efficiency. Initially, the generated biogas of approx. 15,000 m3/day was being used to generate steam of approx. 85-90 tonnes per day, being used in process.

In 2016, Embio Limited, Mahad, decided to evaluate use of biogas for trigeneration (combined cooling, heat & power) application using reciprocating gas engine technology. Clarke Energy, the authorised distributor and service provider for INNIO’s Jenbacher and Waukesha gas engines in India, having significant experience, expertise and project management skills secured the contract to design, supply, install, erect and commission 1.5MWe biogas-based power plant.

Operating since October 2017, the Jenbacher genset running in parallel to grid has significantly improved the conversion ratio. This facilitates the optimum utilisation of biogas generating 1.5MWe electricity with 869kg/hr of low pressure steam from the engine exhaust flue gases via a waste heat recovery boiler. Also chilled water is produced equivalent to 180 tonnes of refrigeration, using a hot water-fired Li-Br vapour absorption machine. Both, steam and chilled water are being utilised in the process.

“The installation has enabled us to reduce our dependability on the grid and our use of high-polluting fossil fuels. Gas generated through bio-digestion is renewable and Embio Limited in our own small way are helping our country reduce greenhouse emissions.”

Mr. R.K Prabhu – Executive Director & CFO – Embio Limited

The low fuel and oil consumption, enhanced control systems, and higher efficiency advantages offered were cited by Embio Limited as the key reasons for choosing to install a Jenbacher 420 engine, along with Clarke Energy’s after-sales-service capabilities. Clarke Energy’s offices in India provide 24×7 operation & maintenance services and Embio Limited signed a multi-year agreement for spare parts. The agreement enables them to boost productivity and maximise uptime, lowering their cost of ownership and preserving the value of Jenbacher gas engines.

Key information

Client: Embio Limited
Capacity: 1.5MWe
Location Mahad, India
Operational 2017
Manufacturer GE (Now INNIO Jenbacher)
Installation Clarke Energy
Type 1 x Jenbacher JMS420
Primary Fuel Agricultural Biogas

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