Clarke Energy’s Australian National Support Team for GE’s Waukesha Gas Engines

Jeff Hughes from Clarke Energy with GE training certificates for the Waukesha product range.

In 2015, after the GE announcement that Clarke Energy was appointed the Waukesha Distributor in Australia, the company embarked on an intensive training programme. A group of highly skilled managers and technicians were carefully selected and implemented for this program.

The programme commenced with a team of engineers and sales employees attending the Waukesha USA factory for an Engine Specification and System Design (ESD) course.

Clarke Energy then engaged a global authorised trainer to facilitate Gas Engine Technology (GET) and Engine Management System (ESM) Courses in Clarke Energy’s spacious training facility located in Adelaide, South Australia. These courses were attended by our National Waukesha Support Team.

In early 2016, the National Waukesha Support Team attended GE’s Waukesha factory in USA for the VHP & VGF Product courses. By successfully completing these courses, the National Support Team now consists of the following service technicians.

  • VHP Waukesha Certified Technicians
  • VGF Waukesha Certified Technicians
  • VHP & VGF Waukesha Technicians
  • Waukesha Technicians

To further extend Clarke Energy’s service and support to industry, the Waukesha Technical Support Manager, Jeff Hughes,  was selected to begin the Train the Trainer Program (TtT). Jeff has a vast service history with the Waukesha engines and is currently acquiring full Certification through the extensive program. With this program in its final stages, it is estimated for completion by June 2016.

Clarke Energy now have a Waukesha Factory Certified support team and soon the addition of Australian 1st Certified Trainer.

Clarke Energy Australia has committed to its services and will continue to train and develop its support teams and employees to deliver an enhanced level of Waukesha products and services support for the gas compression and power generation industries.


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